Aquatic Plant Care


Aquatic Plant Care
Keeping plants strong and health is beneficial for the ecosystem in our aquarium to absorb nitrates(NO3). We need to provide some basic equipment to ensure our plant can stay health because they benefits our tank in different perspertive :

1. Produce oxygen for our fish
2. Provide protection for small fish and natural habitat
3. Improve biological and chemical filtration


Lighting is compulsory if you putting plant into aquarium. This is because lighting is one of the element for plant to conduct photosynthesis to produce their own food for survival. The plant will die if they do not receive sufficient of light. Do not open 24 hours of lighting to prevent the over growth of algae in tank.


Substrate is same like soil and it is important for plant so they plant have absorb nutrients through the root. Beside that, the substrate help to fix the plant on the bottom or else the plant will floating on the water. Regularly adding root tabs into the substrate is important because the nutrients in the soil will run out after some time.


Plant fertilizer come in many forms such as liquid-based, roots tabs and powder form.Plants that require a lot of lighting and CO2 need more fertilisers to promote their health and growth. Fertilisers are the food that plants use to grow and promote coloration.

Carbon Dioxide(CO2)

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) is one of the element for plant to conduct photosynthesis. CO2 Gas is diffused into water through a set of equipment such as diffuser, co2 cylinder, co2 Regulator and etc. Providing Co2 for your plant will promote the coloration and growth faster. But Co2 levels must be controlled as over dosage of Co2 will kill the live animal in the aquarium.

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