Set Up Shrimp Tank

Material to Set Up Shrimp Tank :
1. Aquarium Tank
2. Shrimp safe filter (Hang On Filter, Sponge Filter, Canister Filter)
3. Lighting
4. Hardscape design
5. Gravel
6. Tension Gon
7. Bacto Clean
8. Shrimp Mineral

Step 1
Set up the shrimp tank and start putting gravel and hardscape design into it. The steps to set up new aquarium can refer to the following link :

Step 2
When the tank is cycle more than 3 days, can add some fishes into the tank as we need the fish to generate ammonia. Nitrifying bacteria will need ammonia as their food in order to multiply more to purify our water.

Step 3
Add Shrimp Mineral Plus into the tank and continue to let the water cycle for 2 weeks. Shrimp is more sensitive to the changes of water, so It is advised to introduce the shrimp after the water cycle for some time and stable water parameter.

Features of shrimp :
1. Provide essential minerals that are not enough from food to avoid shrimp nutritional diseases.
2. Supple essential minerals for shimp laying eggs process and improve the breeding rate.
3. Improve shrimp’s capacity against stress when shedding and increase survive rate.

Step 4
Congratulation ! Now your tank water is finally ready to Introduce the shrimp.

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