Nitrogen cycle

Nitrogen cycle is a process to purify our aquarium water in order to have balanced and health water parameter for our fish. We need to understand how the nitrifying bacteria works. A good water parameter exists only when the nitrogen cycle is happening in our filter system.

Fish waste will become ammonia immediately after they release to the water. Ammonia is colorless but highly toxic in term of pungent gas. The ammonia become harmful level when the nitrogen cycle is not processing properly or filter system stop working due to any reason. But under a balanced system, the bacteria will changing it become nitrite(NO2).

NOTE : If the tank is newly setup, please control the feeding volume to avoid the rapid rise of ammonia level as the bacteria in nitrogen cycle take time to multiply.

Nitrites are the main factor that cause the death of aquarium fish. The nitrite will be converted to nitrate(NO3) by nitrifying bacteria which is less harmful to the fish.

Tips to control the nitrite level
1. Control the quantity of fish in the aquarium
– Do not add too many fish into newly set up aquarium tank as the filter cycle is not mature yet.

2. Feeding sparingly to the fish
– Do not overfeeding when you think the filter cycle is not mature yet to prevent the build up of nitrite level.

Nitrates are the end-product from this cycle. Nitrates can only become harmful when it accumulates to high level. There are two ways to reduce the nitrates(NH3) level which are putting plant to absorb the nitrates and conducting regular water change to remove the NH3 from tank water.

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