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Set Up New Aquarium

Materials to prepared :
1. Aquarium tank
2. Hang On Filter
3. Aquarium Lighting
4. Anti-chroline (Tension Gon)
5. Filter bacteria (Bacto Clean)

Step to set up new aquarium :
Step 1
install the hang on filter(2) to the tank properly, and fill in water into the aquarium and filter to start the operation.
Note : The water level must above certain level so the pump can vacuum the water into filter.

Step 2
Install the LED lighting(2) on the aquarium.
NOTE : Please ensure you are using LED lighting for plant if you wish to put aquarium plant into the tank.

Step 3
Add Anti Chroline(3) into aquarium to remove the chroline from water tap. Chroline is harmful to fish so we put Tension Gon(Anti Chroline) and let the tank cycle for 3 days before introduce new fish into aquarium.

Step 4
After the water cycle for 3 days, the chroline is completely remove from water. It is good timing to add Bacto Clean (Filter System Bacteria). Bacto Clean live bacteria will help to convert the toxic element to non-toxic element.

Step 5
Now is the time to introduce fish into this aquarium with good water parameter and filter.

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